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Are you a Minister who also Life Coaches but You Aren’t Consistently Seeing the Abundance You Teach About?

How to Erase the Hidden Blocks to Your Abundance and Install Health Money Habits



A little-known secret (that you probably already know) is that most ministers work another job besides the work they do in ministry.

As a minister, you may find yourself in a church that doesn’t pay well – or at all – and need to earn some extra money in order to be able to provide for your family.

And, because ministry is time-consuming, we often seek out jobs that don’t require our full-time focus.

I’m excited to share my new masterclass, Healthy Money Habits for Ministers. In this masterclass, I will share the money management system that helped me scale my coaching practice, add employees and focus on my zone of genius.

And, although I’m sharing this masterclass with you now, it wasn’t that long ago that I was a new minister, struggling to figure out ministry, mommyhood, and money.

Here’s what I discovered: My money experience didn’t change until my story around money changed.

A new money story brings with it a new money destiny.

Masterclass Date & Time:

Saturday, August 6th

Noon ET / 9 AM PT.

Here’s What You Can Expect:

This 2-Hour Power Session is jam-packed with actionable information to improve your personal finances.

In this Masterclass, you can expect to discover the 10 toxic money habits that keep most ministers in the poorhouse. Just eliminating these habits alone can turn your finances around.

You’re also going to get an easy-to-implement money management system that I personally invested thousands of dollars to learn. I’m giving the game away for free because I want to see more ministers prosper!

Everyone who shows up is going to get my Minister's Financial Readiness Checklist as a gift. As a minister outside of a large denomination, there was no 401k or 403b. And, most certainly, there was no pension.

So, I couldn’t afford to think short-term and just put out the daily fires that arise in ministry. My Ministers Financial Readiness Checklist is the guide you need to stay on track long after the Masterclass wraps.

This masterclass is exclusively for ministers who coach or aspiring ministers who want to get a game plan in place before they launch into ministry.



Principle #1

Toxic Habit Elimination Checklist

Principle #1 Toxic Habit Elimination Checklist – You’ll learn what NOT to do. Sometimes it’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame. With this checklist, you can examine your own habits and remove the ones that are blocking your abundance.

Principle #2

Millionaire Money Management System

Principle #2 Millionaire Money Management System – With this system, I was able to scale my coaching practice, add new team members, and focus on my zone of genius.


Minister's Financial Readiness Checklist

Gift – Minister’s Financial Readiness Checklist. After the Masterclass ends, you will need a checklist for staying on track. This checklist is designed to keep you on track once the masterclass ends.

This Masterclass

Is For You If:

  • You’re a minister who also coaches and you’re ready to unlock your next level of abundance.

  • You know that creating abundance is more than just affirmations and meditations and you want practical steps.

  • You don’t have the time or the energy to read one more abundance book and you’d much rather have someone lay out the steps for you.

  • You’re ready to learn from someone with a proven track record and who knows what it means to be a minister who works outside of your ministry.

  • You know the value of filling your cup so that you can fill others.

Your Masterclass Facilitator

Hi, I'm Sheri James...

I'm Sherri James, Ordained Minister, Wealth Coach, and Financial Professional. I help ministers who coach erase the mental blocks to their prosperity. I also work with them to turn their book or coaching system into a profitable, automated online course.

As a bi-vocational minister, I know what it’s like to juggle ministry and mommyhood, and a coaching practice. At The Sherri James Company, we design courses (both virtual and in-person), offer group coaching, and provide products to help ministers like you eliminate the mental and emotional barriers to your success as an entrepreneur.

Another course on how to scale your practice to six figures won't help you if you haven't done the internal work to have a practice of that magnitude. Everyone has an internal financial success thermostat. When your practice heats up (or cools down) beyond your comfort zone, you will unconsciously make choices to bring you back to a financial level that you feel comfortable with.

We help you raise the internal thermostat for your financial success.


Yes, the Health Money Habits for Ministers Masterclass will be live.

The Healthy Money Habits for Ministers Masterclass will be recorded. And, a recording will be made available for all those who register. Access to that recording will expire within 15 days.

At this time, the Healthy Money Habits for Ministers Masterclass is free of charge.

Everyone is welcome. The financial principles we share can apply to anyone in any field. However, there are special challenges that ministers are uniquely faced with. This Masterclass speaks directly to those situations.

Everyone is welcome. Coaching is one of the top side gigs for bi-vocational ministers. This Masterclass is geared for ministers who have a coaching practice and want practical tips for structuring and expanding that practice.

Come with an open heart. Money is one of those subjects where we feel like we should “already know it.” Often we walk into a money learning experience with our defenses up. The best way to prepare for the Healthy Money Habits for Ministers Masterclass is to simply come ready to learn and soak up some good information. Bring your questions. Be prepared to grow.

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